ANHRI releases a position paper on a field visit to al-Warraq Island and its tragic situation

Cairo: 27 September 2018

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) released today a legal and humanitarian paper on the attempt to seize al-Warraq Island and evict its residents for the benefit of investors; as Warraq Misdemeanor Court will be considering, next Saturday, the “unauthorized protest” case in which 22 of the island’s residents are involved. The case was against the backdrop of the islanders’ objection to the government’s decision to forcibly and unfairly evict them from their homes and lands. Among the island’s residents who are accused in the case is an over 50-year-old woman.

ANHRI pointed out that al-Warraq island crisis is constantly escalating, in conjunction with the Prime Minister’s decision by virtue of which the island is officially handed over to the New Urban Communities Authority (NUCA), and a chairman is appointed to implement the so-called state plan “development plan” announced since May 2017, which the island’s residents refused to have at the expense of their own lives and homes.

The paper, issued by ANHRI under the title “al-Warraq island belongs to al-Warraq people.. A field visit to a tragic reality”, coincides with the security forces’ tightened grip on the island’s exits and entrances, imposing a security siege on ferries, complaints regarding denial of entry of building material, and the continued inspection of the residents and island’s visitors.

ANHRI also found out that al-Warraq island’s residents have received several security summons in order to pressure them into selling their lands and homes to start implementing the government’s development and displacement plan. Such a matter prompted many of the island’s residents- under threats of siege and security repression – to actually cede their lands to the Urban Communities Authority.

The paper addresses the difficult living conditions as a result of the siege imposed on the island and its inhabitants as an attempt to pressure them to give up their homes, as if development has to be carried out at the expense of the poor, not for their benefit.

You can read the paper through the following link:

Al-Warraq Island belongs to the Al-Warraq people


Al-Warraq Island belongs to the Al-Warraq people (A Field visit to a tragic reality) pdf

Al-Warraq Island belongs to the Al-Warraq people (A Field visit to a tragic reality) word